How Torrent Works

Torrent media is also a peer to peer (P2P) file or data sharing communication protocol. When data is distributed using the torrent protocol, each user who downloads the file also distributes a small portion of the data to the new user who downloads the file. This reduces the cost and performance of the original distributor, and also reduces the dependence on the original file distributor. Torrent is a small file, which is only about a few kilobytes in size with the .torrent extension. This file contains information needed to download certain files. The information contained in the torrent file includes the file name, size, place of download, etc.

In a file-sharing technology called BitTorrent, there is a file called torrent that contains metadata that explains where the file is located and where the folder is shared, usually, there is also network information sharing and how many computers are sharing the file. This torrent file is small and acts like a tracker to download the actual file. Extensions for torrent files are usually .torrent. And to download torrent files uTorrent client software (for Windows) and Transmission (for Mac OS and Linux) is required.

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